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A daughter, sister, wife, mother, and now, out of unforeseen and undesired circumstances, an author. Deborah Berry has spent her adult years devoted to her family. Her heart’s desire has been to raise her children to be loving, productive, and contributing members of society – every parent’s dream!

Deborah graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in journalism and wrote for the UH newspaper. Later, as her family grew, she enjoyed volunteering at her children’s schools, dabbled in interior design, and was sought after as an independent floral designer.

Then her world exploded. Her youngest daughter, at age ten, was lured into a virtual world of manipulative strangers. Upon discovery, Deborah entered into the fight of her life for her daughter against the dark and torrid world of online pornography and sex trafficking. After years of difficult decisions and tough love, Deborah started her journey to write The Tech Trap as a personal effort to absorb what had happened and to gain information about technology and teens.

As she continued researching and developing The Tech Trap, her mission evolved to equip parents with knowledge and awareness of the strangers who seek to gain a connection with their child through technology.

Deborah has focused her energy and the passion gained from the experience of saving her daughter from the demon strangers online and the aftermath of consequences, into The Tech Trap, a book written with one purpose in mind: to provide as much information as possible to other parents so they never have to walk through a similar nightmare.

Deborah currently resides in Texas with her family. She remains steadfast in her commitment to further develop materials for parents and children as they negotiate the ever-growing world of technology.

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About The Tech Trap

Four years of a real-life struggle and all the lessons learned have been masterfully woven into The Tech Trap a mom’s fight for her daughter in a modern world of technology. The reader will find an emotionally raw and no-nonsense account of a mother’s journey to save her daughter from a damning relationship with social media and technology.

The Tech Trap is written in three well-defined parts that feature a powerful personal story, practical research surrounding the relationship our kids have with technology, and useful resources for others who find themselves in search of the next steps and do not know where to turn.

Untold numbers of families are suffering

in silent distress as they attempt to navigate unknown waters for their children in crisis. It is my hope that by sharing my personal journey, I will provide light and encouragement along the way.

Next Steps


Deborah is currently working on taking The Tech Trap to the next level in a workshop format. The workshops intent is to allow families to learn more about the role that social media platforms and technology play in the lives of their children and how to counteract events that have already occurred. Connect with us to learn more.

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Taking her experience to the streets Deborah will be speaking at events sharing her story and practical tips. Be the first to know about the next event/workshop.


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August 25, 2022

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